"Adaptive and reactive website development technology."
"Ensuring your web presence is perfect on any device."


Standard Website

Does your website look like this on mobile devices and smartphones?

Standard website on mobile device


  • Unreable
  • Unnavigatable

Mobile Website

The same website using responsive adaptive web technology.

Responsive adaptive website on smartphone


  • Readable irrespective of screen size
  • 'Fat finger' navigation friendly

Mobile Facts

informationMore and more mobile devices connect via Internet each day!

Did you know:

  • 78% of mobile users will leave your website if this is not mobile friendly.
  • 62% of mobile visitors want direct contact features.
  • 49% of mobile visits lead to a sale.
  • 41% of mobile searches are for local companies.


  • People use their mobile devices to Buy!
    is your business using mobile to Sell?

QR4 has the knowledge and expertise to create or adapt existing webistes that are fully responsive and automatically adaptive to any device that is used. From large screen desktop computers to tablets and smartphones, your web provisions will always be optimal, irrespective of device.

Mobile Support

Phone-iconDo I a need seperate website for mobile use?

No, implementing adaptive technology allows QR4 to use your exisitng website with all you content and make it suitable for any mobile device.

My company website is not mobile friendly, can this be remedied?

Yes, in most cases it can. QR4 can analyse your exisiting web services then give you a clear indication of the process and costs and work with you and your current web provider to get your services device independant in an efficient and effective manner.

Can mobile services be seperate from the main website?

Yes, often websites are not suitable for mobile operations. Ideally for mobile marketing, 'keep it simple' or 'less is more' is the key to success.

A mobile marketing platform created by ODOA specifically for this task is perfect for additional mobile marketing campaigns.