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QR-Code Services

Gears-iconUse the free online QR-Code generators to create your own QR codes. Our generators support color, logo and graphics embedding, animation and transparency.

QR-Code Solutions

Home-iconValue added full service QR-Code solutions with tracking, geolocation, dynamic update options and more. Ultimate mobile marketing solutions for any size company.

Intelligent Objects

Loupe-iconLink to online CMS systems for content syncronization, provide m-commerce for mobile sales support, interative user interfaces to gather and provide personalized information.

Excellent Support

Phone-iconQR4 solutions are suitable for any business, and offers intuitive business options. If you do run into problems we provide Full Service Support. To get and keep you up and running.

Mobile Marketing

Easy D.I.Y. effective and adaptable as needed mobile marketing solution for any size company.

Dynamic QR-Codes

A prime service that allows to change the behaviour of QR-codes, even after these have been printed and published. Included with this prime service is geolocation co-ordinate tracking and advanced scan statistics.

Responsive Websites

Websites that automatically adapt themselves to suit any screen size and navigatable via mouse and tapping on the screen.

Responsive websites

The Internet of things

A single central website that adapts the contents and presentation depending on the size of the screen of the receiving device.

Suitable for normal and touch screens, even small smartphone screens are not a problem. Your website remains readable and navigatible under all circumstances.

QR-Code Software

The worlds most advanced QR-code generators at your fingertips.

Website QR-codes

On demand QR-codes that can be dispatched and displayed on computer screens. QR-Code software for website

Desktop QR-codes

Generate diverse on demand QR-codes for use with office applications and documents. QR-Code software for desktop computers

Server QR codes

Generate real-time QR-codes for use with inline POD, printing and publishing workflows. QR-Code software for production servers